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Yet another Proof That We Cannot Leave the Future to Chance

Yet another Proof That We Cannot Leave the Future to Chance

Have you heard the news?

You must have heard it! It’s been amply covered by the news networks – big and small, known and lesser known. It’s all over social media. It’s even talked about by people outside of the country.

If you didn’t get wind of it, then you must be living under the rock.

We are referring to the mass evacuation of close to 200,000 residents of Orville, California because of the threat of flooding that may be caused by the erosion of a portion of the spillway of the country’s tallest dam – the Orville Dam.

As of this posting, they have yet to receive clearance from the concerned authorities if they could already return to their homes.

Indescribable Hassle!

The discomfort and inconvenience, not to mention the threat to one’s security and safety, to being pulled out from one’s residence during an emergency situation, is beyond description. Some forgot to bring their beloved pets with them, others have left their medications behind, others still don’t have the chance to wash their dishes and clean their dining tables upon hearing the call to seek refuge in a safer place.

Going through the ordeal at a time when the mercury levels of the thermometers are stuck in the negative territory adds more complications to an already complicated situation.

As if the above torment is not enough, a good number of the residents are not covered by appropriate insurance policies, some as basic as home (particularly flood) insurance and life insurance. This is the finding from the cursory interviews and casual conversations done among the residents now residing in temporary shelters.

Others who still find the time to make light of what’s happening said they would just swim in the flood, should the dam overflow.

Who Would Have Thought?

Who would have thought? That’s the usual reaction from those who never bothered to obtain insurances for their homes and for themselves, accompanied by the seemingly involuntary scratching of their heads even in the absence of an itch.

Indeed, who would have thought? Who would have thought it might happen to one of the most prosperous and advanced states in the most prosperous and advanced nation on the planet? Nobody did. No one saw it coming. If ever there was one who did, he must be a lone voice in the wilderness.

But, as we often love to say, we don’t know what will happen next, even if we are residing in one of the most prosperous and advanced states in the most prosperous and advanced nation on the planet.

How much more for the less prosperous and not-so-advanced states, counties, and cities in the United States? More protection is obviously needed. And we are not just talking about dams breaching. There are countless other uncertainties in the future we need to be prepared for and protected from.

Insurance Coverage Is Still a Must

That’s why at Amco Insurance, the go-to center for insurance services in Miami Florida, we are not tired of reminding people to obtain protection in the form of insurance policies.

We cannot just leave our fate to chance (nor swim in the flood should it happen). That’s one lesson we gathered from the Orville Dam incident. We have to take control of our future. Insurance policies allow us to take control of that future.

If you are from Miami, Florida, there’s still so much you need to be prepared for. But don’t worry. Whether you are an employee, a business owner, a farmer, or whatever endeavor you are getting into right now, Amco Insurance always has a package cut out for you.

Talk to any of our agents now so you will be thoroughly informed about the type of insurance you currently need.

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