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What to Consider When Planning for Your Legacy


How do you want to be remembered when it is your turn for the next journey?

Death is part of life and there is no life without death. Sadness and death are as natural as joy and life. As such, planning for this eventuality can help further your objectives.

So, we go back to the ultimate question. What is the legacy you will be leaving behind? How will you be remembered?

Images of who you want to be may flash into your mind. What is apparent is that you want to ensure your love transcends whatever would happen. It is natural for humans to look after each other and ensure their loved ones are well-provisioned.

When you are ready to plan for your legacy, here are just some of the considerations.

  • How much living expenses does your family need?
  • How much expenses can be allocated for burial?
  • What are other expenses to consider?

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