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Tips to Avoid Insurance Fraud and Scams


Illegal activities can victimize anyone across different walks of life – including insurance. Fraudsters are also becoming more elaborate and more believable in their schemes to squeeze out as many resources as possible from their victims. As providers of Home Owners Insurance in Hialeah, Florida, we empower our present and future clients to protect themselves against such scams and fraud.

Before handing out your valuable information and payment to insurance agents and providers, here are some tips you may consider to protect yourself.

  • Don’t sign up for the first policy you find. Listen to as many Term Life Insurance pitches as possible and compare the terms and conditions of each provider. “Shop” around and evaluate for a safer option.
  • Choose legitimate companies over cheap policies. You may be thinking you have the best deal for auto insurance in Miami, Florida when you pay the lowest premium but how trustworthy is your provider?
  • Confirm the insurance agent’s credibility. It is no longer enough that you are talking with a household insurance brand – you need to make sure the agent representing them is authorized to do so. Ask for identification and meet on company premises.

Protect your best interests with liability insurance. Schedule a discussion with the experts at J.E. Insurance Associates DBA Amco Insurance today.

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