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Three Things to Know About Auto Insurance

Three Things to Know About Auto Insurance

Auto insurance is among the most important things for an owner of an automobile. This should comprise a major expense when owning a car. And it is a must-have so we at Amco Insurance, a provider of insurance services in Miami Florida, are here to assist. Here are some facts about auto insurance that may be helpful to know.

1. Auto insurance for business is non-taxable
The amount spent on auto insurance for business purposes is tax deductible. If one owns a car solely for business purposes, then the insurance for that automobile can be deducted from the taxable amount. Furthermore, if a vehicle is used for business 70 per cent of the time, then 70 per cent of the amount spent on insurance for that vehicle may be tax deductible.

2. Little mistakes may have big effects
It is good practice to be accurate and precise when filling up documents. The same is true with auto insurance policies. Writing inaccurate vehicle information as such size, mileage, model, etc. can easily affect the cost of insurance. If you do not list your vehicle properly, you might pay more than the actual cost of your auto insurance.

3. How car color affects auto insurance
How many times have you heard the claim that the color of your car is a factor in determining how much you pay for your car insurance? Well, it is time to tell you the truth. The car color does not affect the amount you have to pay for auto insurance. That is it. It is a myth.

Amco Insurance, a trusted name in insurance services in Miami Florida, knows how important auto insurance is, so we take care to offer the best insurance policy at the best prices because we are dedicated to serve our clients. For auto insurance and other insurance such as home insurance, business insurance, life insurance and many more, please call or visit Amco Insurance, your partner in
insurance service
s in Miami Florida.

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