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The Barriers to Getting Insured


What do you think about getting insurance?

Many people realize the value of having some form of insurance but this does not necessarily translate to the actual number of individuals who are insured. Despite the knowledge that insurance is helpful, why isn’t everyone insured?

Here are some hurdles that prevent a person from getting insurance.

  • Too much optimism for the future
    Thoughts like they are healthy and there is no family history of any disease can make a person think optimistically about the future. While positivity is important, too much of it can blind us from making prudent decisions.
  • Too many skepticisms about insurance
    Myths and doubts about insurance policies and companies continue to exist that prevent people from having their property or life insured. They are worried that agencies would bail out them once they need the money.
  • Excuses, excuses, excuses
    Not having enough money, not having a good job, not seeing the need for the moment. These excuses cloud a person’s mind into thinking they do not need the insurance now or that they can always get it later. Unfortunately, they lose more with lost time.

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