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Signs Your Boat Needs to See a Mechanic


Secure the success of your boating sessions by sending in your vessel for repairs in case…

  • The boat has a steering problem

    This right here spells trouble on its own. How are you supposed to navigate your way through the waters if your boat isn’t going where you want it to?

    Whether your steering wheel simply isn’t being obedient or won’t turn at all, you can try giving it a bit of first aid by refilling the hydraulic fluid.

    In case that doesn’t alleviate the issue at all, then the main problem might be caused by:

    • A leak in the hydraulic fuel lines of your steering system
    • A mechanical failur
    • An error in the cable system (which controls the steering
  • The boat has a leak

    While it’s true that boats take in some water, they usually also have a bilge pump working to expel it. However, if you have noticed that your vessel has been taking in more water than it should, you shouldn’t turn a blind eye to it.

    A water leak in your vessel is most likely caused by:

    • Sustained damage from contact against rocks and underwater debris
    • A broken or burst hose in the cooling system or exhaust
  • The boat has a sputtering engine

    Does your vessel tend to drag down to a stop when it should be bracing the waters at full speed? That’s an issue you shouldn’t ignore.

    Though this problem usually only calls for additional fuel, it might also indicate other underlying issues.

    Common causes of your boat engine sputtering may be:

    • A need for filter replacement
    • A spark plug issue
    • An electrical issue
  • The boat has a tendency to emit intense vibrations

    Boats tend to give a slow hum when the engine is up and running.

    However, the uncomfortable and intense vibrations emitted by your boat may be attributed to a propeller issue.

    If you’re unfamiliar of this, propeller issues often arise when:

    • The propeller is damaged or deformed after having hit something solid.
    • The propeller is tangled up in fishing lines, rope, and other debris.

    A propeller issue isn’t always observable, so it’s better to have a professional check it. Failure to do so can lead to permanent damage.

All of these issues may seem basic, but leaving them unattended can cause more damage to your boat in the long run. The more damaged your boat is, the costlier the repair fees will be.

But that won’t be the case when you have boat insurance from Amco Insurance. You can have your vessel fixed right when you need it, without having to worry about spending from your own pocket!

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