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Reminder: Savings Is Not A Surplus, It’s Part Of The Budget


First off, this is not a financial treatise.

This piece then is not intended to give you a lecture on the fine points of savings or about the nitty gritty of financial planning. Rather, this just serves as a simple reminder about what we have always known all along, namely that savings is part of the budget rather than an extra from our monthly income.

But for those who still maintain that you save because, by some unknown quirks of fate, an extra amount from the last payday remains unspent in your hands, this is intended for you all the more.

Let’s Be Careful About Money

It goes without saying that we should take great care when it comes to handling money, more specifically if it comes in the form of the ubiquitous credit cards.

Money is comparable to a slimy creature that easily slips through between our fingers when we are not mindful of it. It requires not only a herculean effort to hold on to it but a determined will power as well.

This is because astute advertisers and marketers have a way of turning a want into a need without our knowing it and can easily devise ways at the snap of their fingers to make it an impulse buy. For instance, why would we drool over a bucket of fried chicken wings when, in fact, granny’s recipe of the same chicken wings at home is much more crispy and delicious? Blame it on the magic wands of these advertisers.

If we are not aware of these schemes, we easily fall into their trap.

Invest In An Insurance Policy At Amco Insurance

So as not to be easily swayed by the enticing advertisements, mouth-watering promos, grand inventory sale and what have you, allocate and portion of your income for savings, say 10 percent, 20 percent, it’s up to you. The important thing is, again, savings should be on the list of the budgeted expenses, not an obscure footnote below the utility bills, monthly amortizations, tuition fees, gas, groceries, etc.

One of the ways to make your savings work is to invest it in insurance policies. Various types of insurance abound. There are those that get you covered in case of accidents or, knock on wood, death while earning interests. There are those also that are intended for some personal goals, be it long term or short term goals like buying a car, financing for a home, etc.

A universal life insurance, for example, is a permanent insurance that can protect you for a lifetime. It can serve as a long term income replacement and can be used as a flexible estate planning strategy.

If you are a resident of Florida, particularly Homestead or Miami, our company Amco Insurance, the top-rated source of insurance services in Miami Florida, has been serving the insurance needs of individuals, families and companies all over the state.

Through a network of insurance carriers, Amco Insurance offers the following services:

  • Auto Insurance
  • Life Insurance
  • Home Owners Insurance
  • Business Insurance
  • Boat Insurance
  • Commercial Auto Insurance

Talk to an agent of the best provider of insurance services in Miami Florida so you will be thoroughly informed about the type of insurance you currently needs.

Visit Amco Insurance in one of our two locations, whichever is nearer your place. One is in 208 NE 8 St. Homestead, Florida 33030 with telephone number 786-243-9222  and fax number 786-243-9122; the other is in 16932 S. Dixie Hwy, Miami, FL 33157 with phone number 305-251-0217. Email the staff of the reputable agency for insurance services in Miami Florida at

We know you have informative ideas about savings and investments. We can’t wait to hear them from you at the space provided below.

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