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Let’s Talk About the Other Types of Life Insurance


With so many types of Life Insurance in Hialeah, Florida, you may be wondering which one is for you. Don’t sweat it, we’re going to talk about some of the common types of life insurance plans available for you.

Yes, there are many different options for Insurance Services in Hialeah, Florida, but it’s not as complicated as it seems. Take a look:

  • Universal life insurance. Here, your premiums go toward both the cash value and death benefit. You can also change the premium and death benefit amounts without having to purchase a new policy.
  • Indexed universal life insurance. This is a type of universal life insurance, but the way the cash value behaves is a bit different from UL. Indexed universal life insurance has a minimum guaranteed interest rate (so you won’t lose money). However, these interest rates aren’t fixed or varied, unlike some permanent insurance policies.
  • Variable life insurance. The money you pay in variable life insurance goes into a series of mutual fund-like sub-accounts. Your money will get some decent growth, but like normal investments, you can still lose money depending on the market’s condition.
  • Final expense insurance. If the other insurance policies aren’t a good fit, and you’re looking for a way to cover funeral or burial costs, then final expense life insurance is the one for you.

These are only some of the examples of the available life insurance policies in the market. It may seem confusing, but J.E. Insurance Associates DBA Amco Insurance is ready to answer all of your questions. Additionally, if you are looking for auto insurance in Hialeah, Florida, we’re the ones to call. Just dial 786-243-9222 to get in touch.

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