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Learning About Workers Compensation Insurance


Your employees can get hurt no matter what kind of business you run. Workers compensation insurance can support your employees if they become injured or ill at work.

It can help protect your business and your employees by covering things such as:

  • Lost wages if a worker gets hurt or sick and needs time off work to heal.
  • Costs of treating an employee who is hurt or sick.
  • If a worker needs vocational rehabilitation for long-term care to return to work.
  • If a worker dies on the job, death benefits cover things like funeral costs.

Each state runs its program for workers’ compensation. That means that workers’ compensation laws can be different in each state, depending on your business location.

Even though there may be some similarities, it’s essential to know your state’s workers’ compensation rules.

Everyone who works for another person, group, business, or corporation in Florida must have this benefit. That includes people with any kind of contract, even the ones that aren’t written. The rule also applies to immigrants who are working legally or illegally.

The state of Florida doesn’t require insurance for licensed real estate brokers, people who work in musical theater, temporary workers, and most independent contractors, except for construction workers. However, Term Life Insurance can be applied for by companies with this kind of worker.

Florida’s laws aren’t always clear for volunteers, sports officials, chauffeurs, and others. It would be best to talk to Insurance Experts in Hialeah, Florida.

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