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Insurance 101: How Does Insurance Work?


Are you planning to get health, home, retirement, car, or Boat Insurance? First, you must determine the type of product you need before choosing the insurance carrier you want and filling out forms. And yes, you also need to understand how they work to avoid getting disappointment and possible losses in the future.

The insurance company approves your application for coverage after calculating the annual payment called premiums. You have to pay them based on the type of insurance you have applied for, for instance, Life Insurance in Miami, Florida.

You will receive a schedule of payment after signing the contract of agreement. Pay on time, as any delay in payment will affect your subscription.

The company puts your payment, along with other premiums collected from different policyholders of the same insurance type, in one large pool and places it in various investments, like money market funds and equity securities, to grow. Different pools account for each insurance; life insurance in one pool, Commercial Auto Insurance in another, and so on.

The insurance company will pay the sum covered by the policy contract and uses the money from the appropriate pool for your claim, depending on eligibility. But for Medicare in Miami, Florida, the coverage generally starts at age 65.

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