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Improving Employee Financial Literacy


Are you running or managing a business? Are you looking for ways to help your staff manage their finances?

Aside from being compliant with Workers Compensation Insurance, employers can do more to improve the financial security of their employees. It starts with education.

Employers and business leaders can actively provide opportunities for their staff to make informed and effective decisions about money matters. A financial literacy program is a comprehensive course that builds fundamental knowledge and skills for any individual.

What is owed? Debt awareness and evaluation are among the earliest concepts to be discussed in this program. By understanding their debt terms, the employee would realize how much they have to pay until they can clear the debt.

What needs to be paid? We need to pay for commodities and services to live our life. Effective expense monitoring can highlight expense behaviors for better management. Some dues are a must, while others can be avoided for some time.

What should be saved? Savings and investments are critical to achieving financial freedom. Any person can start having their savings account no matter how small their starting value is. Investments can also exist in different forms, such as Universal Life Insurance for the person’s protection.

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