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How Not to Send Your Homes Up in Flames (6 Useful Steps)

How Not to Send Your Homes Up in Flames (6 Useful Steps)

According to the National Fire Protection Association, they have recorded 1,345,500 fires in the year 2015. In that statistics, about 3,280 died and $14.3 billion worth of properties were burnt into ashes.

Leading causes of residential fires are smoking, loose electrical wirings, and heating equipment. Since both lives and properties are lost during fires, every home owner should amply protect their homes.

Here are expert tips to prevent household fires:

  • Raise fire awareness.

    Inform the entire household of fire hazards. This is best if done often times. If being aware is made a habit, the risk of fire will be lessened drastically. This is true, especially in the case of kids. Children are naturally curious. If they know what and what not to do, they can contribute to your home’s safety and protection.

  • Never leave stoves unattended.

    After cooking, never leave kitchen stoves open. Once too much heat has accumulated, fire is sure to break out. Remember that kitchen fires are deadlier due to the gas leaks that come from the stoves. It is quite destructive too.

  • Be careful in handling combustible materials.

    If you have gasoline and other petroleum products at home, observe proper storage procedures. Do not place them in high temperature areas. Also, keep pets and children away from such substances. Not only will they increase the risk of fire, but they may also be poisoned by being exposed to such.

  • Reserve functioning fire extinguishers.

    If fires break out, douse it before it grows. Fire extinguishers should always be functional and up to date. Check for broken nuzzles and seals.

    Fire extinguishers must be placed in conspicuous areas.

  • Have your chimneys inspected regularly.

    Dirty chimneys can spark fires too. The soot and dust buildup in the walls can burn too. Annual chimney clean ups are highly recommended. The cleanliness and maintenance must size up to the standards of Chimney Safety Institute of America (CSIA).

  • Check your electronic appliances.

    Loose electrical wirings in any appliance may set your home ablaze. Check on them constantly. If you find defects, have the same repaired. Otherwise, do not use them anymore and replace them with sturdier and newer models.

No matter what preparation you make, there are times that you cannot evade house fires. It may or may not be your fault, but it is best to be secured. To manage the possible loss of homes, get a comprehensive home owner insurance!

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