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Common Myths About Car Insurance


Having your car insured is about having some peace of mind in uncertain events. Unfortunately, misconceptions about car insurance can prevent a person from getting the deal they deserve. Let us explore some of the most common myths that exist.

  • Color determines the price of auto insurance – just a myth!
    You may have heard how red cars are often pulled over by officers or how easy it is to hide a white car but none of these have a basis to influence how much insurance you have to pay. Other relevant factors determine your insurance policy.
  • One’s credit score does not affect the rate of insurance – not in all cases.
    A credit-based insurance score uses details from your credit history and may impact the rate you will have for your insurance. People with good credit have demonstrated good performance which can lower their insurance costs.
  • Auto insurance covers all unfortunate events that could befall – it depends.
    Car insurance policies specify the coverage of the damage or loss and other unfortunate situations. Always confirm if your policy is covered for such. Cheaper policies may cover the bare minimum and not other cases.

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