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Are You An Investment Hunter? We Have an Insurance Policy for You

Are You An Investment Hunter?  We Have an Insurance Policy for You

We are always taught to save from our incomes.

We are also made to understand by some well-meaning financial experts that savings are not surplus – any amount left on hand after all expenses for the given month have been taken care of. Some of them even recommend some figures (percentages actually) to be taken out from our total income and assigned to the savings basket.

That, by all means, is a sound advice. We really have to prepare for the rainy days and for the unexpected. Even decent animals like ants do the same. The question is, where do we put our savings? The obvious answer would be in the bank through a savings account or a time deposit.

Is it a sound decision? Yes and no.

Yes, if we just intend to keep the amount safe. No, if we intend to make the money grow.

Financial experts would immediately tell us that the interests accrued from a savings account, and even from a time deposit, would amount to just a pittance, especially if we factor the rate of inflation. The interest would not be enough, if at all, to cover the rate of inflation. Hence, as we said earlier, keeping the money in the bank is reduced to mere safekeeping.

Investment Proves an Attractive Option

It is for this reason that people are now turning their attention to finding attractive investment instruments to be able to make the most of their money.

Depending on the risk appetite of the investor, he or she is presented with a range of options – from low risk with low returns to high risk with equally high returns.

It is for this reason also that banks are now offering investment options aside from the traditional savings accounts and time deposits that are slowly losing its appeal. In doing so, they team up with insurance providers to provide banking-cum-insurance products to their existing depositors.

Insurance Plus Investment Proves a More Attractive Option

But if you refer to us your risk management, insurance and investment needs, we have a more attractive proposition for you. How about an insurance policy that also serves as an investment tool? That would be amazing, right?

At Amco Insurance, the highly patronized provider of insurance services in Miami Florida, we have that product for clients like you who want to be protected from the uncertainties of the future while your premiums accumulate cash value overtime.

We know you cannot wait to avail of it. A financial instrument that acts as an insurance protection and an investment tool is just too good to pass up.

So why not set an appointment with any of our veteran and highly qualified sales agents now, so you will get to know more details about the product/s?

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