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5 Ways on How to Keep Safe on the Road at Night

5 Ways on How to Keep Safe on the Road at Night

Even if the night air feels so cool on our faces, and traffic seems to be out of the way, a lot of people do not fancy driving at night. Not only is it annoying to get flashed by high beams while on the road, but it is also unsafe.

Nighttime is not the finest time to drive. There is a possibility that your depth perception, peripheral vision, as well as your ability to figure out the color of the stop light can become impaired. Aside from that, our body is tired from all the work we did during the day. So what does this all point out to? Accidents.

But face it, we still need to drive at night whether we like it or not. So buckle up as we list down 5 ways on how to keep safe at night:

  • Avoid staring at incoming lights

    When you are driving at night, your eyes become accustomed to the dark interior of your car, as well as the dark road ahead of you. But if incoming lights illuminate you on the opposite direction, your rods might take a few moments before you can adjust to the bright light.

    So when incoming lights are shining up your way, avoid staring at it.

  • Check your glasses

    Do I need to switch to glasses with yellow tint when I am driving at night? Do not. Yellow glasses are not as effective as you think they are. In fact, these only heighten the contrast ahead of you, but fail to make you see more in the night.

    If you are wearing glasses, it pays to check if you are wearing the right ones. Go for the glasses prescribed to you by your doctor. You can also go for glasses that contain an anti-reflective coating. Also, even if it looks cool, do not wear sunglasses while you are driving at night.

  • Dim your dashboard

    Your dashboard is beautiful, given the lights it gives off. But even if you are confident in their style, it could compromise your safety. Too much light on your dashboard can get in the way of your vision on the road ahead. To keep safe, dim the lights and only prioritize the lights of the functions you actually need.

    What about the map lights? A good map light is one whose source of light cannot be seen by the driver. This is to avoid too much glare. But to be safe, it is advisable that you drive without them.

  • Spot retinas

    The road at night can be pretty daunting as you do not know if a critter or any animal may cross without you knowing it. And if an encounter happens, you, the animal, and your car will be at risk.

    It may be quite daunting to you, but there is a trick in order to avoid these accidents. All you need to do is to spot retinas from afar. Your headlights can illuminate the retina of any animal in the distance. Once you spot these two small lights, slow down so that the animal may not be distressed when they are doing their business.

  • Turn headlights on the right direction

    Sometimes, headlights do not point in the right direction. Do not feel lazy and let it be. Address the issue by fixing it as early as possible. If you prefer doing the whole thing yourself, simply follow the guidelines reflected in the manual.

    Aside from aiming your headlights on the right way, you should also clean the road grime from it. These grimes can cause your lights to show dimly, making your view limited.

Driving at night can increase your risk of getting into an accident. Even if you did everything to avoid unfortunate circumstances, you still do not know what will happen in the long run. For a bonus tip, we introduce to you the insurance services Amco Insurance provides.

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