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5 Types of Insurance Your Business Needs

5Types of Insurance Your Business Needs

So, you’re putting up a new income-generating business. Even before a business starts its operation, the owner is already taking risks. If you are a businessman/businesswoman, it is important to keep in mind that you should protect your business and the people involved in it. An unfortunate accident or a lawsuit filed against you can wipe out your business. You can get yourself and the business ready by investing in the five types of insurance that can help save your business:

  • Vehicle/auto insurance

    Most companies/businesses have company cars to be utilized by the employees. Company vehicles should be insured in case of accidents.

  • Workers’ compensation insurance

    When an employee is hired to the company, he/she should be insured. There are cases wherein a worker/employee gets ill, or even dies because of his/her work. The workers’ compensation insurance covers medical treatments and death benefits.

  • Product liability insurance

    If your business manufactures products and suddenly a lawsuit against it comes along, you need to have your products insured. This way, the product liability insurance can protect your business from claims that injuries, health conditions, property damages and etc. are caused by your product.

  • Business interruption insurance

    Calamities and other unfortunate events might strike your business operations down. During times like these, your business may not be able to generate income like the usual. The business interruption insurance will compensate lost income during situations like these.

  • Property insurance

    Aside from vehicles, your business might utilize equipment, supplies, furniture and etc. In the event of a calamity, theft, or fire, your properties will be covered by this kind of insurance, including the lot/space your business occupies.

Have your business insured today! And be prepared for every worst case scenario. Amco Insurance in Miami, Florida offers clients with a beneficial business insurance which covers liability insurance, workers’ compensation insurance, group health insurance and group life insurance. Contact us today to know more about our insurance services through 786-243-9222 or 305-251-0217!

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