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5 Key Details You Need to Know About Insurance Points

5 Key Details You Need to Know About Insurance Points

You are interested in getting auto insurance in Hialeah, Florida. So, you talk to agents and get quotes for what you want. They quote you a price you can afford at first only to get back to you later with a much higher insurance premium. What happened? Insurance points play a role in this kind of scenario.

Another word for insurance points is violation points. Insurance points are points you rack up for every traffic violation or at-fault accident written into your driving record. Having too many of these in your record will increase the premium you have to pay for your insurance.

Learn about insurance points before you get your own auto insurance plan. Here are some details about the insurance points you should know about:

  1. Not all violations or tickets get into your record.
    Most non-moving violations don’t end up in your driving record. Non-moving violations include not wearing a seat belt and illegal parking. Not having a back bumper or up-to-date paperwork are non-moving violations too. First-offense violations won’t typically get reported to the Department of Motor Vehicles.
  2. There are violations that won’t have an impact on your insurance rates.
    The Department of Moving Vehicles has identified many types of driving violations. However, not all of these violations can impact your car insurance premium. One such example of those violations that won’t affect your insurance rate is the non-moving violations (as mentioned above).
  3. Major driving offenses can affect your rate for several years.
    Most providers of insurance services in Hialeah, Florida ignore minor violations. Yet, they can’t do the same with major offenses. Major driving offenses such as DUI and negligent driving will affect your record for up to ten years.
  4. Your state may not be using the point system.
    The point system is used to track your driving violations. Most states in America use the point system, but not all of them. Currently, there are nine states that do not use this system. These states don’t write your driving violations on record. They are not ignoring your violations though. Your accumulated violations can still get your driving license suspended.
  5. Tickets and accidents aren’t the only factors affecting your insurance premium.
    Your driving record tells your insurer a lot about you. However, it isn’t the only determining factor on whether or not your insurer should raise your premium. Other factors affect their decision too. If you have a poor credit rating, then your premium will surely be higher compared to those with good credit ratings.

Amco Insurance understands that having insurance is a safety net for when accidents happen to you, your family, or your property. We can offer you advice on life insurance in Hialeah, Florida and many other types of insurance policy. Our insurance policies may be exactly what you need. You may call us or let us know in the comment section below if you have insurance-related questions.

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