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5 Auto Insurance Coverage You Need

Worry no more whenever you’re on the road! We all know accidents can and will happen daily. If it happens to be you, you should know you can protect yourself from unexpected expenses of accidents. If you go for auto insurance with Amco Insurance, here are our coverage programs for you:
Collision Coverage
If a car crashed into yours and you need to repair the damages to your vehicle, auto insurance will cover it.
Liability Coverage
If you were the one found to be at fault for a car accident, the payment for damages and medical treatment you need to make to the victims will be covered by our insurance.
Medical Coverage
No matter whose fault it was, our coverage will pay for the medical expenses you have for any accidents.
Comprehensive Coverage
Damage done by fortuitous events like natural disasters (flooding, hurricanes, and typhoons) will be covered by Amco Insurance, insurance services in Miami Florida.
Uninsured/Underinsured Motorist Coverage
There are times when the person at fault of the accident doesn’t have money to pay for medical or repair costs for you. Amco Insurance makes sure you are covered with our auto insurance!
Be a worry-free driver! Even if you take extra precaution when driving, accidents may still happen. If you have auto insurance with Amco Insurance, you are assured of peace of mind. If you’re looking for insurance services in Miami Florida, make sure you contact us!
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