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3 Basic Types of insurance that you need

We never know what life may throw at us. We may have saved for the rainy days, but we have no control over future circumstances. We may not be able to predict any future events, but we can at least have some protective measures in our finances. If we avail of insurance plans, it might help us with any financial expenses that we might need in the future.
But before we decided on getting insurance plans, it is best if we equip ourselves with the different types of insurance services available. This is necessary so we will know what things or properties we want to insure.
Here are some of common and most basic types of insurance that you can avail:

  • Life Insurance

    Life insurance can provide even for those family members of the policy holder. The family members usually become the beneficiaries of this insurance type. Primarily, there are two types of life insurance: Traditional whole life and term life. When you avail for Traditional Whole Life, you will have to pay your monthly premium until you die while if you avail term life, you only have to pay for a certain period of time. According to Invstopedia, you have to consider the following things in life insurance:
    – Funeral expenses
    – Mortgage payments
    – Living expenses of your family

    At Amco Insurance, a trusted provider of insurance services in Miami, Florida, we provide you with agents who ill guide you in choosing your life insurance so you can make the most of your money’s worth.

  • Health Insurance

    In a research conducted at Harvard, they found out that a major percentage of bankruptcy in U.S. is due to health related expenses. As the old adage goes, health is wealth, but if we fail to prepare for any unforeseen health problems, this could cause great financial distress. We can now see how important it is to be ready for any unexpected events that we might come across.

    When you avail of health insurance plans you can choose on three plans:
    1. Major Medical Insurance- this will cover your medicines, hospital expenses and doctor’s visits
    2. Limited benefit plans- this will insure you only for a particular health issue or disease
    Amco Insurance, a trusted provider of insurance service in Miami, Florida, we also offer health insurance plans. We adapt to our clients’ needs and we try to provide them with the essential benefits.

  • Auto Insurance

    Auto accidents might be in the form of a car crash or you get hit by another car. This is a big deal. We need cars to transport us to different places and do our business. Our cars are our assets. You can only imagine if it breaks due to some accident. How inconvenient would that be.

    If you avail of auto insurance, the price you pay will depend on the circumstance of the accident.

These are just some of the common insurance plans that people avail. At Amco Insurance, a trusted provider of insurance services in Miami, Florida, we offer all these and more. If you want to avail insurance services we also provide Home Owners Insurance, Business Insurance, Boat Insurane and Commercial Auto Insurance. If you are interested in our services, you can visit our site or email us at

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