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Home Owners

Home Owners Insurance in Hialeah, FL

Ever worried of the safety of your home against damages to your house itself or your property? Home Owners Insurance assures the protection of your assets.

These are the coverage classifications of our Home Owners Insurance Services in Miami Florida:

  • Dwelling
    This covers the value of the house itself without the property around it.
  • Other Structures
    This points out to structures that are around the property which are not used for business but exempting the function of a private garage.
  • Personal Property
    This covers the property itself but it has a limitation for theft and loss of the personal belonging.
  • Loss of Use/Additional Living Expenses
    This covers the additional living expenses if ever the portion of the property or dwelling was rented. This, however, does not cover the utilities used for the rented section.

For more inquiries on the classifications of our Home Owners Insurance, you may call us at 305-251-0217.